College of Business Education Dodoma campus is located at Makole area along Dar es Salaam Road. Dodoma campus was established in October 1983. The campus runs five courses namely; Business Administration; Accountancy; Procurement and Supplies Management; Marketing; and Information and Communication Technology. The courses are conducted in Postgraduate Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Ordinary Diploma and Certificate levels.
The campus guarantees better learning environment by providing students facilities including library services, hostel, cafeteria, ICT and sports. 
Library servces
The Library has almost 20,000 volumes 4191 titles of books some professional journal tittles, newspapers, namely: Majira and Nipashe (Kiswahili Newspapers), Daily News, Sunday News, News Week, Business Times Newspapers and Financial Times (English Newspapers). The collection is in five major parts namely, the general collection with its major components being textbooks and few journals, e-resources, Special Reserve for the tutors/lecturers, Legal and Industrial Metrology and the Reference Collection. 
Library Opening Hours
Day Time
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m – 8:00 p.m
Saturday 9:30 a.m – 2:00 p.m
Sunday 9:00 a.m – 12 Noon
On Public Holidays the library will be closed. 
The potential and entitled users of the College Library Resources are the College Society composed of the undergraduate and postgraduate students, teaching staff, non-teaching employees and part-time tutors/lecturers.  The College Library extends its services to external users/visitors and the public as a whole.
The College has limited accommodation facilities and thus most of the students are compelled to look for accommodation elsewhere with assistance from office of the Dean. However, priority in room allocation in the College hostels is given to the following groups of students: Disabled students, Foreign students, Sick students with long/known history, and Some students leaders.
The College is not directly involved in providing catering services to students but it is responsible for monitoring of the services offered to students. The management makes regular consultation with service providers and advice them on how best to improve their services. The aim is to have user-friendly catering services at the campus taking into account the following:-
Quality of food provided.
Good environmental conditions under which food is prepared and served.
 Provision of variety of food.
 Affordable food prices.
Dodoma campus has a total of three modern and well equipped computer laboratories with a capacity of  200 computers. Students use computers during their studies. With a high speed dedicated internet connectivity students can access internet during their studies. 
Sports and Games  
The College of Business Education attaches great importance to the sports and games of its students. The Office of the Dean of Students in collaboration with the College of Business Education Students’ Organization (COBESO) coordinates all the sports, games and recreational activities. The College has facilities that enable students to engage in sports, games and recreational activities. Students can actively participate in a variety of games and recreational activities like soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball, pool table, table tennis, darts, athletics just to mention a few. Each year students participate in inter-class competitions as well as in various organized bonanza by other institutions. The enter-class competition draws together students from all programmes to compete in various games like soccer, netball, basketball and volleyball.
The College of Business Education also takes part in the SHIMIVUTA games that bring together participants from many higher learning institutions in Tanzania. For several years CBE has dominated the SHIMIVUTA games by winning many trophies in soccer, basketball and netball.
Located at Makole area along Dar es Salaam Road 
Postal address: P.O. Box 2077, Dodoma
Telephone: +255-026 2321200
Fax: +255-026-2322121