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Basic Computer Appications, Mwanza Campus From 13th May to 7th June, 2019

Course Description
This is an introductory course intended for Form IV Leavers and other individuals interested in developing basic computer application skills necessary for performing various tasks that need use of computers.

Course Objectives:
On completion of this course participants will:
i) Be able to identify basic computer components, their functions and specific applications
ii) Be able to use windows operating system to prepare important documents
iii) Be able to develop basic word processing skills with Microsoft Word, such as text input and formatting, editing, cut, copy and paste, spell check, margin and tab controls, keyboard shortcuts, printing, as well as how to include some graphics such as pictures and charts.
iv) Have the ability to fully utilize the e-mail services e.g. sending, forwarding and receiving mail, attaching documents, creating mailboxes, filters, and address books.
v) Have ability to fully utilize the internet services

Course Content:
1. Knowing Computer
2. Computer Operating Systems
3. Understanding Word Processing
4. Using Spreadsheets
5. Introduction to Internet, Www And Web Browsers
6. Basics of Electronic Mail

Target Participants

Form IV Leavers and Other Interested Individuals

Time: 13th May to 7th June, 2019

Course Fees:
The course fee of TZS 60,000. Payments should be done in advance. Please pay your fee through TANZANIA POSTAL BANK PLC: Account Number 191504001632, Account Name ASSOCIATION CBE CONSULTANCY.

Contanct Details
Urio Justine
College of Business Education,
P. O. Box 3168,
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax #: +255-262-322121
Mob:+255 759 924626



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