Research Data Preparation and Analysis

Course Description:
This course aims at enhancing the knowledge of researchers who wish to extend their competencies through practical learning of the ABCs of data preparation and analysis. It will impart to the learners the ability to understand their research data and manipulate them in a way that will yield the intended research objectives.

Learning Outcomes:
The training is intended to enable participants to comprehend the fundamentals of research data preparation and appreciate the fundamentals of using SPSS.

At the end of the course, every participant will be able to undertake the basic data manipulation in SPSS, run basic data analysis and descriptive statistics, undertake advanced data analysis in SPSS, and manipulate and use SPSS data output.

Course Content:
• Fundamentals of research data preparation
• Fundamentals of using SPSS
• Basic data manipulation in SPSS
• Basic data analysis and descriptive statistics interpretation
• Advanced data analysis in SPSS
• Manipulating and using SPSS data output

Target Group:
Any person with the basic knowledge of Microsoft computer application, with a good understanding of procedures required in undertaking research in social sciences. A solid background in econometrics or statistics is an added advantage.
Master degree and PhD students are highly encouraged to attend.

Learning Duration: 7th January to 25th January 2019

Time: From 16:00 hours to 19:00 hours

Venue: College of Business Education, Dodoma Campus.

Course delivery: This course will be delivered in line with computer lab practical or using personal computers installed with SPSS.

Course Fees:
The course fee will be 250,000/= per person to cover costs of facilitation, training materials (stationery and other consumables) and venue. Participants/clients are expected to meet their transport costs to and from the venue, accommodation, healthcare and other allowances if applicable for participants. Payments should be done in advance. Please pay your fee through TANZANIA POSTAL bank: Account Number 191504001632. Account Name CBE Consultancy Bureau.

Please complete the registration form and return it with the bank pay in slip to CBE by mail or physical address as specified hereunder:

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