The graduation has been decorated with a number of guests from different corners of the country ranging from the Guest of Honour, other invited guests, students, parents and other CBE well-wishers. The Guest of Honour during this graduation was the Prime minister of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa. Although in his absentia, he was represented by the Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment Hon. Eng. Stella Martin Manyanya.

Graduation events took off at around 1400HRS and were marked by the 52nd Graduation March (processesion) from the College Administration Block to the Graduation grounds. This event was headed by the Police Force Brass Band.

In the opening speech the CBE Rector, Prof. Emanuel Mjema welcomed all guests and congratulated all Graduands, Lecturers as well as CBE Community members for the service they rendered towards the success of the day. He informed the audience that the College Awarded different Academic credentials to a total number of 1602 students, where by 26 were conferred with Postgraduate Diploma, 588 with Bachelor degrees, 480 with Ordinary Diploma and 508 with Basic Certificate, in the fields of  Accountancy, Business Administration, Marketing, Information Technology, Procurement and Supplies Management and Legal and Industrial Metrology.

He also highlighted a number of steps taken by the College to improve the College’s image as well as improving the teaching and learning environment. These include financing its staff for further studies in and out of the country, Curriculum review, renovation of the administration block, library extension, Land acquisition for other campuses and many others. 

Alongside these, Prof. Mjema pinpointed a number of contests facing the College. He mentioned of inadequate infrastructure, inadequate funds for research projects, and inadequate number of Lecturers among others.

In her speech, the Guest of Honour congratulated all Graduands for emerging glorious in the academic battle they have been in. She treasured the commendable job done by the College Management, Lecturers as well as the entire CBE community towards the success of the College activities in general. The Guest of Honour urged Graduands to be entrepreneurial oriented and should utilize all available job and business opportunities in and outside the country to excel economically.

The Guest of Honour, assured the Management of the College that, it is the aim of the government to make sure that Teaching and Learning environment of its institutions are attractive and that the Government will do whatever is possible to ensure that challenges facing the college are solved as soon as possible. The Guest of Honour urged the Management to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment to set necessary strategies that can be used to boot out the College from its current challenges. She urged Lecturers to conduct Action oriented research which are aimed at solving the current challenges facing the country in terms of Trade and investment. She concluded her speech by wishing success to all Graduands and urging the continuing students to work hard for their Academic Excellence.

The Graduation ceremony was called off at 1630 HRS by the Guest Honour and was again concluded by the Graduation March from the Graduation Grounds to the Administration Block.


manyanya manyanya
The guest of Honour Eng. Stella Manyanya giving her speech during the CBE 52nd  Graduation Ceremony at DSM Campus


Billnass Billnass
The Bongo Flava artist Billnas who was among the CBE Graduands being congratulated by the Guest of Honour for having completed his Bachelor’s degree at the College of Business Education.

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