The Library has almost 20,000 volumes 4191 titles of books some professional journal tittles, newspapers, namely: Majira and Nipashe (Kiswahili Newspapers), Daily News, Sunday News, News Week, Business Times Newspapers and Financial Times (English Newspapers).
The collection is in five major parts namely, the general collection with its major components being textbooks and few journals, 
e-resources, Special Reserve for the tutors/lecturers, Legal and Industrial Metrology and the Reference Collection. Reference and the Special Reserve books are not for borrowing.
Library Opening Hours 
Day     Time 
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m – 8:00 p.m 
Saturday 9:30 a.m – 2:00 p.m 
Sunday 9:00 a.m – 12 Noon 
On Public Holidays the library will be closed. 
The potential and entitled users of the College Library Resources are the College Society composed of the undergraduate and postgraduate students, teaching staff, non-teaching employees and part-time tutors/lecturers.  The College Library extends its services to external users/visitors and the public as a whole.USERS/MEMBERS
External Users
»The college of Business Education is a higher learning institution.  Therefore, scholars, researcher, visitors who seek higher education or research information or references are welcome to visit the College library.
»All external users or visitors mentioned above get the access to the library resources upon obtaining authority or permission from the Director of studies/Vice Principal before using the College library resources.
The College society is the user of the library resources Registration is conducted at the reference/counter desk.  Students must be registered soon after the orientation week.
Library Membership Admission/Registration
The pre-requisite of being registered is to be a member of the College community.  Students of all levels, tutors/lecturers in permanent and contract basis and employees of the Colleges are members of the College community.
NB; Students must be registered to their respective courses. 
Library Registration Process for Students
The College Registrar submits to the College library a list of all students each academic year including the first year students.  The list bears the college’s registration numbers of the students.  Each student shall produce a valid identity card, which bears a registration number, a passport size photo and College Registrar’s authority stamp.
A library staff receiving College registered students observes the Registrar’s list against their names, registration numbers on identity cards if they are the same with those on the list, their photos against the actual faces and other particulars, if any.
When the particulars have been confirmed, a library registration form is completed for each individual student with full names starting with Surnames followed by commas (for example Ibrahim Peter Samgella should be Samgella, Ibrahim Peter), College registration number, course intake and year
Accurately completed forms are kept for control purposes.
Library Registration Process for Staff
Staff who wants library membership has to collect a letter of confirmation from the College’s Human Resources Director stating that he is a permanent/contract employee with a valid identity card and an employment number, term of employment, etc.  The registration process is the same as for the students.
Borrowing /Lending Services
Lending service/borrowing of library materials for home use/or outside the college library, is the right accorded to registered library users only.  When a user is registered, that particular user is a library member and not a common user.
Only the registered library users/ members can borrow ONE to FOUR (1-4) Books for home uses in not more than a 14 days period. An identity card must be shown upon borrowing a book.  During the vacations no books are borrowed.
Part-time Tutors /Lecturers.
»The Director of Studies/Vice Principal authorizes borrowing of books and other information resources for each part-time tutor.  The head of library carries the RISK of the books.
»A borrower is free to renew the borrowing once, if a particular charged text is very useful as its holder feels or has not completed the assignment he is supposed to do.  No user is allowed to renew the borrowing of a book twice unless permission is granted by the head of department (library).
Overdue Book Loans.
»Books, like other information resources are the property of the college library.  A user who borrows a book(S) or material from the library should return it in time. A charge of two hundred shillings (Tshs. 200) will be instituted to each overdue day.
»Library staff will keep on writing overdue reminder notices to inform any user whose book(s) is /are overdue.
»Resistant users with overdue book loans will be reported to higher authority for further steps. A student can be restricted to access examination results or any academic output he deserves if he further resists returning a book.  A library clearance form has been designed to be completed by every student before being given his certificate and statement of results.  Retirement benefits will be withheld for employee users unless the library material(s)/book (s) is recovered.
Misplaced, lost and damaged items.
»Borrowers are responsible for borrowed material/items and will be required to pay for replacement of lost or damaged material three times the purchase price.  Refer to section 6.5 above.
»Members and users found defacing library materials for instance mutilation of pages, books, journals/or any library property will be prosecuted and will have their membership terminated and barred from entering the College library.
»Already used items must be left on the reading tables.  No user is allowed to return an item/book back to the shelves; this avoids misplacement of books from their proper locations.
»It is the duty of the library staff to shelve (put back on the shelves) all used books by using the class numbers.
»It is an offence to hide or misplace an item within the library so that others cannot see it for a personal future use.
Order and Discipline.
»All students must show identity cards at the entrance
»All packages, bags, coats and any property must strictly be left at the social deposit counter at the entrance to the library.  These are left at the owner’s risk.
»Silence must be observed by any library user failure to which he/she may be dismissed from the library or further discipline be taken.
The following are prohibited in the library.
Discussions, conversations, disturbing shoes, indecent dressing, eating and drinking are prohibited in the library.  All Mobile Phones should be switched off.
Please observe the following:
»Do not reserve chairs
»Do not put your properties on table in order to reserve it for your future use
»A new entrant is allowed to keep aside properties of any one left in the library’s sitting facilities for not more than ten minutes
»Any chair remaining empty for ten minutes must be occupied by anyone else who seeks for a seat.
In addition to item 6.5.7 above the library users are required to carefully observe the following.
»Inconvenient movements are prohibited
»Personal business (trade) from outside the College is not allowed.  Hard materials that can Couse disturbing sounds if dropped on the floor or on collision
»All outsiders /visitors from outside the College are forbidden to go beyond the library counter