The College of Business Education attaches great importance to the sports and games of its students. The Office of the Dean of Students in collaboration with the College of Business Education Students’ Organization (COBESO) coordinates all the sports, games and recreational activities.
The College has facilities that enable students to engage in sports, games and recreational activities. In all three campus students actively participate in a variety of games and recreational activities like soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball, pool table, table tennis, darts, athletics just to mention a few. Each year students participate in inter-class competitions as well as in various organized bonanza by other institutions. The enter-class competition draws together students from all programmes to compete in various games like soccer, netball, basketball and volleyball.
The College of Business Education also takes part in the SHIMIVUTA games that bring together participants from many higher learning institutions in Tanzania. For several years CBE has dominated the SHIMIVUTA games by winning many trophies in soccer, basketball and netball.