"To be a dynamic, well equipped, world-class known and recognized centre of excellence in competence based training, research and consultancy services in business and related disciplines"


To provide highly quality demand-driven competence based education through training, research and consultancy services in business and related disciplines.  


  • Academic Freedom

The College is independent and cherishes and, defends free inquiry and scholarly responsibility.

  • Advancing and Sharing Knowledge and Skills

The College supports scholarly pursuits that contribute to knowledge and understanding within and across disciplines, and seeks every opportunity to share them broadly.

  • Excellence

The College through its students, staff, and alumni, strives for excellence and trains students to the highest standards.

  • Integrity

The College acts with integrity, fulfilling promises and ensuring open, respectful relationships among its stakeholders. CBE abides with ethical code of conduct and respect for laws.

  • Mutual Respect and Equity

The College values and respects all members of its communities, each of whom individually and collectively makes a contribution to create, strengthen, and enrich teaching and learning environment.

  • Public Interest/ Customer Care

The College embodies the highest standards of service and stewardship of resources and works within the wider community to enhance societal good satisfaction.