Systematic Review From 1st to 4th June, 2021

The main objective of this workshop is to equip participants with necessary hands-on skills to conduct systematic review and Meta-analysis. Participants will gain knowledge and skills on how to synthesize evidence and use it to inform policy and decision making.
 The evidence for making policy, programme and practice decisions is best based on careful analyses and syntheses of multiple studies.

    Overview of systematic review process & reporting standards and guidelines for systematic reviews
    Problem formulation, and developing review questions in the African context
    Development of protocol & identifying protocol databases
    Finding sources of evidence from structured and unstructured databases and sources of grey literature 
    Construction of complex and comprehensive search strategies and text mining in online databases & updating literature and tools for managing references
    Study selection process & data extraction process
    Covidence tool for managing the systematic review process
    Quality assessment, risk of bias and meta-analysis for systematic reviews

    Interested academic staff, researchers, information professionals, government ministry representatives, civil society representatives, postgraduate students from different institutions
    To maximize the productivity, participants are encouraged to have research ideas that they wish to work on groups

    Date: 1st – 4th June, 2021
    The College of Business Education (CBE) – Dar es salaam Campus
    Time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

The four days course will have the selected protocols registered and published in a selected systematic review database. Following registration of the protocols, facilitators will continue to guide the review process by teams through publication of the systematic reviews within agreeable timeline

The course fee of TZS 350,000 (for Tanzanians) and equivalent of US$ 200.00 (for foreigners). For payment, visit CBE online payment Portal : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The workshop will be facilitated by experienced facilitators from the College of Business Education

You are requested to confirm your participation before 28th May, 2021

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History of CBE

The COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION (CBE) was established in 1965 by the Act of the Parliament. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION Act No. 31 of 1965. His Excellency, J.K. Nyerere, the first President of the United Republic of Tanzania officially opened the new College in January 1965. The College was officially named the “College of Business Education” (CBE). The said Act of Parliament gives the College its legal status as an autonomous institution with its Governing Body. The College shall be governed and administered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.


The origin of the College of Business Education (CBE) is closely linked to the history of the Nation itself.

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