Course Description:
Due to stiff competitions in various industries, the sustainability of business organizations has greatly been influenced by the high level of customer service. Business managers and service providers are diligently fixing their eyes on customers who come to transact business with them daily, and how to attract or find new customers for their businesses. This draws an idea that propels the need for managers and service providers to become customer service centered by understanding customer service work environment, methods for successful customer relations and retentions, and the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. This course aiming at sharpening the techniques to attract and retain customers.


Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course participants will be able to
• Develop the skills on how to serve customers effectively within the organisation
• To implement necessaries skills on how to handle customers complaints
• Apply different strategies dealing with dissatisfied customers
• Learn to develop effective communication strategies that will bring positive impact to the organisational goal
• Earn a Customer service management Certificate of Participation from the College of Business Education

Course Contents:
 Customer service concept.
 Solving customers problem
 Effective communication with customers
 Copping with dissatisfied customers
 Professional approaches to convey bad news to customers

Target Group:
This intensive program is ideal for those looking to understand the big picture of building and executing a customer service strategy. Participants should be familiar with customer care experience and how customer care is an important aspect of customer service because it fosters an emotional connection with the brands community.
This class is ideal for: Relationship officers; Sales managers; Marketers; Marketing students; Public relation officers; Customer service officers; Communication officers; Desk officers.

Date: 25th to 27th October 2021

Time: From 09:00 hours to 04:00 hours

Venue: Bagamoyo / Morogoro

Course Fees:
The course fee of TZS 750,000 covers costs of facilitation, training materials (stationery and other consumables), and venue during session. Participants/clients are expected to meet their transport costs to and from the venue, accommodation, healthcare and other allowances if applicable for participants. Payments should be done in advance.

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History of CBE

The COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION (CBE) was established in 1965 by the Act of the Parliament. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION Act No. 31 of 1965. His Excellency, J.K. Nyerere, the first President of the United Republic of Tanzania officially opened the new College in January 1965. The College was officially named the “College of Business Education” (CBE). The said Act of Parliament gives the College its legal status as an autonomous institution with its Governing Body. The College shall be governed and administered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.


The origin of the College of Business Education (CBE) is closely linked to the history of the Nation itself.

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