N/A Researcher Area of Research Interest
1. Mr. Abdulmalik A. Hamad
 Financial management, Business, financial analysis, Financial policy

Mr. Adolf Kamuzora

Cyber security and analytics, secure mechanism design 


CPA. Alberto Alfred Mgulunde

Education, Banking, Accounting and Finance 


Mr. Alexander Arsenius Makanta

Information System, Computer Networks, Algorithm


Dr. Alsen F. Kapinga

ICT4D, Public Administration, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, Human Resource Managemet


Ms. Atupakisye Simon Mwakolo

Commercial Laws


Ms. Amanda B. Mollel

Customer service, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy.


Mr. Baraka Israel

Lean supply chain, logistics, contract management, strategic and public procurement.


Mr. Baraka Mwasampeta

 Computer Security, Computer Networks, Application of ICT in Education


Dr. Barnabas Maagi

E-procurement, Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management


Mr. Benedict P. Mwakabungu

Quantitative research, Macroeconomics with focus on Tourism and foreign capital flows for economic growth and development 


Dr. Chacha Magasi

Marketing management, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Business management, SMEs development and management, Business Planning, Business sustainability, Leadership


Mr. Christopher D. Ngalya

Modeling of Infectious Disease, Optimization and Operational Research


Mr. Clement B. Matogwa

Education, Economic dynamics, Quantitative research modelling(Mathematical modelling and Simulation)

15 Mr. Damian M. Assey Public Administration & Governance, Entrepreneurship And Empowerment, Human Resources Management, General Management

Mrs. Debora Chelestino Kisinga

Supply Chain Management, Value Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics Management


Mr. Deus P. Kabelele

Procurement and Contract Management, Procurement Audit, Transport and Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, e-Procurement and e-Supply Chain Management.


Ms. Diana Deus Ndyamukama

Epidemiology, Higher Education, Mathematical Science.


Dr. Dickson Pastory

Accounting, finance, auditing, research methods, Commercial banking, and Microfinance

19. Mr. Dismas Nziku Management, Economic dynamics, production & procurement

Mr. Dioscory M. Majaliwa

Marketing, Entrepreneurship and management


Ms. Dorice M. Dengenesa

Marketing Management, and Entrepreneurship


Prof. Edda Tandi Lwoga

Information science, information systems, social computing, research methods, systematic reviews and meta-analysis


Dr. Emmanuel Munishi

Migration, Urbanisation, Social resilience, sustainable development & livelihoods, Qualitative research, youth employability


Ms. Evelyne F. Magambo

Stock Markets, Financial Literacy, Higher Education, Small Businesses, Gender Inclusion


Mr. Furaha Ndakije Rashid

Agricultural production economics, natural resources management, rural livelihood, Economic policy analysis, agriculture development, agribusiness and rural financing, and value chain analysis..


Mr. Francis P. Daudi

Sales and Marketing


Mr. Francis Oscar Haule



Mr. Filimon Abel Mgandu

Data science / Big data, Data Analytics, Statistics and Probability Theories, Computer programming and Mathematical modelling


Dr. Godfrey Isaac Mwandosya

Design science research, educational technology (mobile education), innovative teaching and learning, innovative curriculum development expert, collaborative teaching and learning, ICT consultant, Management information system expert, mixed research, and challenge based research. 


Mr Goodluck Goldian Ntangeki

Procurement Contract Management, Procurement Risk management, Finance accessibility and Loan Management, Asset Management, Supply chain Management &Transport and Logistics Management


Mr. Gordian Stanslaus Bwemelo

Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Dr. Grace J. Mpuya

Gender, Environmental Management, Solid Waste Management, Public Private Partnership

33. Mr. Haji Athumani Msangi Agricultural and rural development, Land economics and governance, Agri-food systems, Economics of climate change

Mr. Herick Laiton Kayange

Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Complex Network, Operation Research and Epidemiological Disease Mathematical Modeling and analysis.


Ibrahim M. Issa

Food Supply chain in Urban Areas; Intermediaries Role in the Supply Chain of Urban Based activities; Selected Activities of Business Supply Chain-Qualitative Research


Mr. Ibrahim M. Fanuel

Application of ODE in modelling natural phenomena, Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning (Computer Vision) and Operational Research.


Mr. Innocent Shau

Accounting, Banking, Credit management, Capital market and financial securities, Financial management, Risk management, Project finance


Ms. Jackline V. Karondo

Business communication and communication, Digital learning and smart Education, Human resource development and Gender issues


Mr. Jailos M. Nzumile

Laser Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Engineering, Operation Research


Dr. Japhet Mtaturu

Agricultural and Financial Economics


Ms. Janeth Francis Mputa 

Office Management, Records Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, and Business Administration 


Mr. Joel Rumanyika 

Management information systems (MIS), computer networking and administration, computer network security, java programming, website designing, mobile computing, wireless networks, information and communication technology for development(ICT4D) electronic commerce(TPC-W benchmark), multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), routing protocol, project planning and management, environmental planning and management, urban and land issues & design science research ICT4D projects


John M. Lelo

Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, General Management, Human Resource and Marketing

44. Dr. Josephine Philip Churk Communication Technology for Development, Digital Economy, Digital Media Studies, Digital Policy Making, Youth Digital Practices, Development Studies, Gender and Development, Digital City Studies, Research Methodology.

Mr. Joseph Haule

Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless and Fibre Optic Communications, Mobile and Cloud Computing, Computer Systems and Network Security and Administration, Cryptography


Mr. Karugaba Rugaimukamu 

Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, Small Business Development, Sustainability.


Dr. Leontine Mkebukwa

Information Science 


Ms. Leticia Mahuwi

 Procurement and Supplies Management

49. Ms. Lilian Otieno Literacy skills development.
50. Ms. Lortha Libent Marketing, Entrepreneurship and management.

Ms. Madina Hamisi Juma

Education Technology, Curriculum Development, Professionalism and Ethics in education, Inclusive education, Science education, Digitizing society, Smartphone for financial management among informal saving groups for sustainable development & livelihoods, Design Science Research, and Qualitative research,


Dr. Mariam Ally Tambwe

Entrepreneurship, marketing, business management, gender issues and education


Ms. Martha Mganga

Information Science


Ms. Margareth A. Mapunda

Marketing management, service marketing- tourism, & mobile marketing


Dr. Meshack L. Siwandeti

Electronic Procurement, Supply chain management, Logistics and Transport management, Inventory control, Green procurement management, International Procurement, Quantitative research, Qualitative research, SEM applicability in research, Youth self-employment, gender balance in education, Big data analytics


Mr. Michal M. Msikela

Small business, entrepreneurship, informal business, microfinance, business relationships, land use planning and business


Mohamed H. Mohamed

Leadership and Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Planning, Public Policy, Gender Analysis and Organization Behaviour.


Mr. Musa Saimon Profile

Language Literacy Development and Assessment, Academic Writing, Mobile Technology Integration in Education, Language and Gender, Inclusive Health Communication, Inclusive Education Teacher Education, Curriculum Development, Implementation and Assessment


Ms. Mwasu S. Kinala

Strategic Marketing


 Dr. Nasibu Rajabu Mramba

Informal economy/Sector, Street Vending, Small Business, ICT4D, M4D, marketing, management


Ms. Neema Ngowi

Application of Modern Technology in improving the Procurement functions, Value Engineering and Value Analysis in Procurement Management and Supply Chain Management, Supply Market Intelligence in the context of Supply Chain Management and Procurement Management.


Mr. Nuran Mwasha

Finance, Banking, Education and Entrepreneurship


Mr. Paul Magoge

Educational Technology, Digital Forensics, Blockchain Technology.


Dr. Peter Tengaa

Applied Mathematics and Statistics


Dr. Petro Kabipi Maziku

Economics & Agribusiness, Market Linkage and Value Chain management, International Trad and Policy analyst, Project Management, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Data handling and analysis. Business management, farmers’ group formation and Business plan.

66. Mr. Richard P. Benaya Public procurement, Supply Chain Management, Quality and productivity improvement by KAIZEN methodology, Customer management, Quantitative research, Doc
ument proofreading and setting, Proposal writing
67. Mr. Richard M. Alphonce Curriculum development, classroom instruction as well as teachers' professional development on Language and subject content learning integration in Education
68. Ramadhani Mtongori Performance Management in Banking industry, Financial Management, Performance Management in areas of cost ascertainment and control in Manufacturing and service industry, Financial Reporting in organization, Investment analysis and Financial systems analysis.
69. Dr. Richard Msacky Service Delivery in the Socio-economic Sectors, Policy Assessment, Management of Human Resources, Conflict Management, Economic Diplomacy, Project Management, Performance Management in Local Government Authority, Decentralization by Devolution, Behaviour of the Organisation, Decision Making, Organisational Development, Community Development and Good Governance

Dr. Respickius Olifage Casmir

Computer Systems and Network Security, Cryptography, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Design and Development, Enterprise Architecture (EA) Development, IT Governance, Distributed Systems, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, IT Risks Analysis and Network Vulnerability Assessment, Business Process Re-Engineering


Dr. Robert Mashenene Galan

Entrepreneurship & Business Enterprise, Business Models in Wildlife Management, Marketing Management, Service Quality, Human Resources Management


Mr. Salim Saika

Computer Architecture, Computing for Development, Security and Privacy, Systems and Networking


Mr. Shadrack Mwaiseje 

Procurement, Supply chain, Warehousing, Value chain, Logistics


Ms. Sia Abduel Msella

Law, International law, Public International Law, International Trade Law


Ms. Subilaga S. Mwambeta

Business/Commercial Law, Cyber-crime Law.


Ms. Shakila M. Kisampa

Education Management


Mr. Stephen Donald

Computer Programming, Machine Learning and Block chain Technology


Dr. Upendo Brilliant Cornell Nyamanza

Marketing, Business Management, and SMEs financial inclusion


Ms. Veronica P. Kundy

Project analysis, capital structure, risk management, financial management, loan management, PPP in revenue collection, financial institutions, Business valuation and financial statement analysis.

80. Dr. William Clifford Gomera  Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Micro, Small and Medium Businesses Management, Business Informatics & Formalizing the Informal Business Operations
81. Mr. Wilfred Madata Education, Communication & Linguistics
82 Mr. Laban Gasper Letema Finance, Mathematics and Statistics

History of CBE

The COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION (CBE) was established in 1965 by the Act of the Parliament. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION Act No. 31 of 1965. His Excellency, J.K. Nyerere, the first President of the United Republic of Tanzania officially opened the new College in January 1965. The College was officially named the “College of Business Education” (CBE). The said Act of Parliament gives the College its legal status as an autonomous institution with its Governing Body. The College shall be governed and administered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.


The origin of the College of Business Education (CBE) is closely linked to the history of the Nation itself.

Address : Bibi Titi Mohamed Rd. P. O. Box 1968, Dar es Salaam

Hotline : +255-022-2150177